Commit a387b5da authored by Capp's avatar Capp

[config] add config file for rviz

parent 2b4ba7e9
- Class: rviz/Displays
Help Height: 78
Name: Displays
Property Tree Widget:
- /Global Options1
- /Status1
- /PointCloud1
- /PointCloud1/Status1
- /Camera1
- /Camera1/Visibility1
Splitter Ratio: 0.5
Tree Height: 363
- Class: rviz/Selection
Name: Selection
- Class: rviz/Tool Properties
- /2D Pose Estimate1
- /2D Nav Goal1
- /Publish Point1
Name: Tool Properties
Splitter Ratio: 0.588679016
- Class: rviz/Views
- /Current View1
Name: Views
Splitter Ratio: 0.5
- Class: rviz/Time
Experimental: false
Name: Time
SyncMode: 0
SyncSource: PointCloud
Visualization Manager:
Class: ""
- Alpha: 0.5
Cell Size: 1
Class: rviz/Grid
Color: 160; 160; 164
Enabled: true
Line Style:
Line Width: 0.0299999993
Value: Lines
Name: Grid
Normal Cell Count: 0
X: 0
Y: 0
Z: 0
Plane: XY
Plane Cell Count: 10
Reference Frame: <Fixed Frame>
Value: true
- Alpha: 1
Autocompute Intensity Bounds: false
Autocompute Value Bounds:
Max Value: 10
Min Value: -10
Value: true
Axis: Z
Channel Name: rgb
Class: rviz/PointCloud
Color: 255; 255; 255
Color Transformer: Intensity
Decay Time: 0
Enabled: true
Invert Rainbow: false
Max Color: 255; 255; 255
Max Intensity: 2.22187825e-38
Min Color: 0; 0; 0
Min Intensity: 2.7658689e-40
Name: PointCloud
Position Transformer: XYZ
Queue Size: 10
Selectable: true
Size (Pixels): 3
Size (m): 0.0500000007
Style: Spheres
Topic: /assemble_PointCloud
Unreliable: false
Use Fixed Frame: true
Use rainbow: false
Value: true
- Class: rviz/Camera
Enabled: true
Image Rendering: background and overlay
Image Topic: /camera/image_raw
Name: Camera
Overlay Alpha: 0.5
Queue Size: 2
Transport Hint: raw
Unreliable: false
Value: true
Grid: false
PointCloud: false
Value: false
Zoom Factor: 1
Enabled: true
Global Options:
Background Color: 48; 48; 48
Fixed Frame: camera_link
Frame Rate: 30
Name: root
- Class: rviz/Interact
Hide Inactive Objects: true
- Class: rviz/MoveCamera
- Class: rviz/Select
- Class: rviz/FocusCamera
- Class: rviz/Measure
- Class: rviz/SetInitialPose
Topic: /initialpose
- Class: rviz/SetGoal
Topic: /move_base_simple/goal
- Class: rviz/PublishPoint
Single click: true
Topic: /clicked_point
Value: true
Class: rviz/Orbit
Distance: 13.8677416
Enable Stereo Rendering:
Stereo Eye Separation: 0.0599999987
Stereo Focal Distance: 1
Swap Stereo Eyes: false
Value: false
Focal Point:
X: 1.39872837
Y: 1.20328903
Z: 0.557296097
Focal Shape Fixed Size: true
Focal Shape Size: 0.0500000007
Invert Z Axis: false
Name: Current View
Near Clip Distance: 0.00999999978
Pitch: 0.67539829
Target Frame: <Fixed Frame>
Value: Orbit (rviz)
Yaw: 2.95856738
Saved: ~
Window Geometry:
collapsed: false
collapsed: false
Height: 846
Hide Left Dock: false
Hide Right Dock: false
QMainWindow State: 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
collapsed: false
collapsed: false
Tool Properties:
collapsed: false
collapsed: false
Width: 1200
X: 59
Y: 34
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